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Francis Ford Coppola - Part Three

A personal ranking of his greatest films

11. Dementia 13 [1963]

Image: A family facing death.The unity of "the family" (pre-Mafia) and the spectre of death that comes between them.
For directors that don't find an audience until two or three features in their career (sometimes more than that), the critical reaction is often to reduce those early films to the level of vague curiosities; strange artefacts denied the right to ever be approached as legitimate films without comparison to the work that eventually followed.How often is Who's That Knocking at My Door (1967) acknowledged as the first Scorsese?The Delinquents (1957) as the first Altman?Loving Memory (1971) as the first Tony Scott?Hardly ever, if even at all.The positive attributes of these movies - ignored at the time as the work of any other anonymous first-time "auteur" unworthy of attention or acclaim - are dwarfed by the success of later films, such as Mean Streets (1973), MASH (1970) and Top Gun (1…

The Directors Series

An Introduction To...

A long, long time ago (I can still remember) a blog I really liked - which is no longer active, much like 90% of the blogs I once followed, unfortunately - did a series of ranked lists based around a greater ranking of their thirty favourite filmmakers.The blog was called Goodfella's Movie Blog, and you can check out the link here.
Because I recently relocated to a different part of the country and no longer have a large archive of DVDs and no Blu-Ray player (only a small, portable DVD player, with a screen not much bigger than that of a standard smart phone) I'm unable to create frame captures, or to watch as many new films as I once did.Also, if the Google stats are indeed correct, no one is actually reading the 'Key Films' series anymore (the last once, posted two months ago, hasn't even crossed 30 views; a year ago they were getting close to 300) and I'm so far behind with subsequent titles that I feel like I'm drowning.If blogging b…