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A Nation's Pride

Thoughts on a film: Black Rain (1989) [Mild SPOILERS]

Interior/night.A heavily guarded compound somewhere in suburban Osaka.Against the windows, the rain falls hard in staccato rhythms, streaking down, across the surface.It creates impressions, like the bars of a prison cell, to suggest the idea of characters meeting outside the law; hidden, furtive; a clandestine tête-à-tête.By firelight, two men, flanked by armed enforcers, sit stoically across from one another.On the right, the American, on the left, the Japanese.The Japanese man - his hair greying; eyes hidden behind a veil of cigar smoke - opens his mouth to speak, and the words form louder than bombs.
"I was ten when the B-29 came..." he remembers."My family lived underground for three days.When we came up, the city was gone!Then the heat brought rain.Blackrain.You made the rain black, and you shoved your values down our throats.We forgot who we were.You created Sato and thousands like him.Now I'mpaying you back…